Bartłomiej Nurczyński foto. Jacek Kaczmarczyk

Bartłomiej Nurczyński

Born in 1987, the proud dad of Victoria. A passion to stay in nature has developed in me since I was a kid.For those years fishing allowed me to contact with wild nature.Slowly, with age it started to escalate into in passion.For a long time I was drawn to photography but lack of equipment was the brake for me.This changed in 2007, when I bought a compact camera (hybrid), which allowed me to develop my natural and photographic curiosity.Then I started slowly been moving away from fishing for photography.In 2009, I decided to give up fishing and devote entirely to photography.Currently (three SLR and a whole bunch of lenses later) I work on Canon equipment.

All the time I try to transfer the natural beauty that I see, on the digital negatives.The main direction in my nature photography is a world that every day is skipped and rarely seen, that is macro.Although this is my main trend in photography, the magic of nature does not allow me to do just that.I am trying to get satisfaction of every moment that I come across, whether it is a flowering grass, butterfly or crane (Grus grus) proudly rolling meadow.